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Finding Vacant Real Estate Leads

This is one of the least competitive niches. Many times, the hardest part is getting good vacant home leads. Once you get good leads, chances are you will be the only agent pursuing the owner. Vacant homes are often still utilized as rental or lease income. A vacant designation just means this is not the

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Vacant Homes: The Unused Niche

What's one of the most surefire ways to make sure you get listings? Targeting niches that aren't overcrowded and face less competition. We talk about finding niches all the time at Smart Agents. Many of them are overused and in any hot housing market, your competition heats up as well. Expireds get blown up by

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Marketing a Vacant Home

Vacant homes are a great niche to target. There millions that get sold each year and you face less competition when listing them. After you list a vacant, marketing and getting viewers is a little different than a normal listing. When prospective home buyers view pictures of vacant homes in their internet search, it’s hard for

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