Should a Realtor Have a Beard?

Yes, your appearance can make or break a sale. But does it actually matter? I guess we’ll leave that question to the most important judge of a realtor, the customer. Can a beard affect a home seller's decision to hire you? What about warm weather agents wearing more casual and weather appropriate attire? Is a having

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What Owners Look For In a Realtor

If you know what owners look for in a realtor, you can tailor your efforts to highlight those qualities. Most of these qualities are things that are discussed on this website a lot. This is why so many people choose family or friends (or get referrals from them). If you demonstrate these ideal qualities and

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The Secret of the #1 Real Estate Team in the Country

There is a real estate team in America that is the number one team according to Real Trends Magazine. They've been one of the top teams for the last five years. This team has a secret advantage over their competition. Their secret isn't that they're the best salespeople. In fact, they're not incredible salesmen. Their

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Real Estate Summer Marketing Ideas

The real estate market heats up in the summer. In 2016, the National Association of Realtors reported that a whopping 40 percent of home sales took place in the summer months. These need to be your biggest months of the year. Through the start of this summer, it seems like the trend will continue. Schools out

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Overcoming Your Real Estate Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses as an agent. Identifying and overcoming those weaknesses creates the difference between regular agents and smart agents. Don't keep attacking your work the same way over and over again unless it is running perfectly. Last week we posted a blog about identifying and using your strengths. Today will answer the other side

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How to Make Real Estate Less Stressful

Being a real estate agent is one of the most stressful careers there is. There are a lot of reasons for this, and you're probably familiar with them. The realtor is solely assisting a buyer or seller in the largest purchase of their life. Agents work long and crazy hours, including working weekends, spending much of

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Social Media Safety Tips For Realtors

A part of your online presence (and a huge part), is conveying your life throughout different social media platforms. You need to let your clients and prospects see what your personal life is like, and what you are all about. A good way to do it is to have your personal account and then your

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Your Brand Will Set You Apart

What is your brand right now? What recognition does your name have in the real estate industry? You should have a brand that lets your business grow. Whether you are the expert in your area or specialize in a certain niche. What won't work is to use your brokerage's brand, if you work with one. 70

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How To Counter When People Have Bad Perception of Realtors

A quick Google search will tell you that agents don't always have the best reputations. There's a lot of common stereotypes that the average person may believe about realtors. Just like any profession, there are some bad agents out there that bring these generalities about. So if the common potential customer thinks or even has heard of

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Important Statistics in 2016

It's well documented how almost everything in real estate starts online. Here are some statistics concerning that and other trends that are going on in 2016. 80% buyers start their home search online. This puts more stress on your single property websites and you SEO tactics. Printed ads and people driving around neighborhoods are dying ways

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