You Ordered Your Books, What’s Next?

Welcome to your Smart Agents membership. You have the tools and the means to separate yourself from other agents now, here's what to do next. Table of Contents 1. 32 Ways You Can Get Business From Books. 2. Planting these seeds is different than working leads. 3. The Easiest Way To Send Your Books Out 4. What to say

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Don’t Work With Buyers Unless They Commit With You

Working with buyers has a lot of benefits. It can set up listings down the road and improve your knowledge of the market. Never work with a buyer without a contract. You need to be picky with the buyers you work with. It can be a huge waste of time (and therefore money) when you

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Approach Luxury Real Estate Differently

1 in 4 people that belong to the wealthiest top 25% of the population plan on investing in luxury real estate this year, according to yougov.com. If you take the effort to master luxury homes, it pays off more than any other niche. There's also a number of reasons that a lot more opportunity will be available for

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The Best and Worst Ways to Contact FSBOs

Making first contact with FSBO leads is a delicate process. FSBOs are pestered by agents all the time, you have to take the right steps to earn their trust. Realtors already don't have the best reputation. Then an owner decides to sell fsbo and gets calls and emails for the next month. Standing out is

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How and Why You Should Get Buyer Leads

A lot of agents brush off working with buyers. They are missing out on multiple opportunities that can help every part of their business. Buyer business can do more for you than you may think. There's not as much money in this for realtors, but if you're a new agent or even just in a

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New Member Gets Two Listings in One Day

Hi, this is Chuck White. You know how difficult lead follow up can be when you’re a busy Realtor. Sometimes you get so busy with listings, buyers, showings, open houses, closings, contracts, etc that you simply DO NOT HAVE TIME to do your lead follow up. Then, a lead falls thru the cracks and you

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Don’t Miss Listings In Your Own Neighborhood Anymore

Have you ever seen a realtor's sign in your neighborhood and been upset you didn't get that listing? (Or even know about it.) You should be the realtor who lists homes in your area. It can be frustrating when the neighbor you've known for 20 years, lists with someone else. But there are steps you can

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What’s Your Real Estate Superpower?

Do you feel powerless in your real estate business? Are sellers not respecting you? Do they hire the top agent instead of you? Or when you do get a listing, the seller isn’t willing to clean up their ugly, stinky home. They expect you to work a miracle to sell their undesirable home! Do buyers disrespect

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Cold Call

We all know how painful cold calling is, but these are the top things that really show it's also outdated. The average success in cold calling is 1% and the very best is only 3%. There are other ways to be much more efficient. 1. You can't easily automate or systematize cold calling. Cold calling

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Get Divorced Leads from Attorneys and Lenders

Divorced homes are an unnoticed niche in real estate. It's something we focus on at Smart Agents, with our guide and multiple blogs on finding and addressing the leads. These are the couples that have to sell. You won't find any sellers more motivated than them. We've discovered a new way of prospecting these leads. It's more

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