Email vs Social Media Marketing

Running ads and prospecting on social media needs to be a giant part of any agent's marketing plan, but there are a whole lot of situations where email marketing may serve you better. Email targeting and marketing is a different animal than running Facebook ads and has a lot of benefits. On Facebook running an ad

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Increasing Your Response Rates

Having a good line of communication with your prospects or clients depends on their responses. Very few will respond to straight up attempts to land their sale or refer you to their friend. Conversion is trying to force people onto your time schedule, which is not very appealing to the person on the other end. If

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Handling Hot Leads

So you've got some leads that are interested or looking at buying a new house. You need to convert them into clients and the best way is to provide and continuing to provide value to them. Your goal is to become the authority in their eyes and build their trust throughout this process. Then down the

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