Real Estate Gifts To Increase Referrals

Giving a gift to a client after a transaction is a common thing for agents to do. And for a good reason. Real estate closing gifts show your appreciation for the client and help build

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How To Get Motivated Seller Listings From Sellers Facing Foreclosure

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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Member Beats Out Celebrity Realtor for Listing

This week Ben spoke with Karen, a member who beat out a local celebrity realtor for a listing. She used her books to have the same celebrity credibility as the realtor she competed against. The

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How To Get 4-6 Listings A Month From Attorney Referrals

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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14 Cheap Ways to Build Your Real Estate Brand Using Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a match made in heaven for agents looking to gain exposure in their community. It can pave the way to opening up leads and clients. People notice things that stand out from

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20 Real Estate Prospecting Tips

1. Have a plan and stick to it. Agents who go through each week with a prospecting plan don't let their business run them. If you schedule two hours of calling or drop-offs, don't go

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4 Listing Appointments, 4 Listings Won

For this week's case study, Ben interviewed David, a veteran realtor who's had a lot of success throughout his career. In the interview they went over: He uses the books so well, they work each

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The Easiest Way To Get Listings In Today’s Market: Old Expireds

We recently did a training on the best way to get listings in today's market. We call them "Forgotten" Expireds. But, they're really just listings that Expireds 3 months, 6 months, and even 2-3 years

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Real Estate Objection: Overcoming Owners Wanting To Wait To Sell

A common objection an owner has is, "We want to sell, just not in the immediate future. You can touch back with us in six months or so." If they say that, it should be your

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How To List 4-6 Inherited Homes A Month – Consistently… Without Prospecting or Door Knocking

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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