The Best Ways To Get Listings From The Redx

I see realtors spend money to buy seller leads all the time. Why spend money on leads when you can get them for almost nothing? I've seen agents run ads on Facebook and Google and other places and spend $10 to 30 per seller lead that comes in. That's crazy when you can get hundreds

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Email vs Social Media Marketing

Running ads and prospecting on social media needs to be a giant part of any agent's marketing plan, but there are a whole lot of situations where email marketing may serve you better. Email targeting and marketing is a different animal than running Facebook ads and has a lot of benefits. On Facebook running an ad

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Buzzwords and Email Habits to Avoid

Emailing your list of leads or past clients is important, so it's important to keep this tool sharp. You probably can notice when your inbox is filled with useless emails or the typical buzz words that turn you off. It's the same in real estate. The "One Size Fits All" Email This is one of the

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The Older Generations Home Buying Wants

30% of home buyers in 2015 were between the ages of 49-67. Even more so than the younger generation of buyers, this group depends on their wishlist a whole lot. A lot of owners that age hope to live near the center of their city or town and want to a part of that community. That

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Getting Referral Listings

Referrals are a giant piece of the pie. You can read how to get them here and how to make talking to customers easier here. Once you get a referral you have to move fast to capitalize on it. Client referrals are the most important referral's that you can earn. The average conversion rate is an

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Back To School Marketing Ideas

Any change in season is a good time to focus harder on your marketing efforts. The end of the summer and subsequent return to school is a perfect time to freshen a campaign and then find a whole bunch of new prospects. Here are some back to school marketing ideas. Write a Back To School

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How To Counter When People Have Bad Perception of Realtors

A quick Google search will tell you that agents don't always have the best reputations. There's a lot of common stereotypes that the average person may believe about realtors. Just like any profession, there are some bad agents out there that bring these generalities about. So if the common potential customer thinks or even has heard of

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Handling Hot Leads

So you've got some leads that are interested or looking at buying a new house. You need to convert them into clients and the best way is to provide and continuing to provide value to them. Your goal is to become the authority in their eyes and build their trust throughout this process. Then down the

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Real Estate Summer Marketing Ideas

We're in the thick of summer, where the weather is hotter and the real estate market is hot as well. Schools out, so parents are more open to moving over the summer. Here are some summer marketing ideas. Send Out a Summer Newsletter Summer is the perfect time to show that you're a local expert

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Prospecting Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Prospecting has long been thought of as something unappealing, rough and time consuming. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you're smart about it and come in with a plan, than it doesn't have to be countless cold calls, letters and seemingly rewardless effort. Start off By Being in the Right Mindset You

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