How Did This Realtor Get 5 Easy FSBO Listings?

Today Ben Curry interviewed Ray, a realtor from Illinois's who has been on a roll recently listing FSBOs. Throughout the interview they went over: How he listed 5 homes that were FSBO. The exact script he uses to give the book to the FSBOs. How he is marketing himself. His high conversions on these listings appointments

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Which of These Expired Prospecting Methods Work For You

Here's how to figure out the expired approach that works the best for you. There are a lot of different approaches. You can cold call. We don’t recommend it. But, it’s an option. You can leave voicemails. You can send them a text message. You can mail them a letter. We’ve done a lot of

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What to Ask Expired Listings

Expireds are great targets to prospect. They're motivated sellers. In this blog we aren't going to break down the step by step process, we did that here when we discussed the approach and strategies needed. We also went over what it takes and how to smoothly get the owners of expireds to lower their listing price. This

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Take a Unique Approach to Win Expired Listings

They’ve already “been there, done that", you’ve got to do something different to stand out! Why Expireds? Expired Listings. One of the most obvious niches of real estate, yet also one of the most despised. Why? Simply put, expired listings represent failure. Failure to sell.   The reasons are many, but blame typically falls on the

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Listing Price Reduction Strategies

We've all seen the owners of an expired listing, or just a home that won't sell who are convinced the home will sell at the expired price. They're hard headed about this, not wanting to compromise, blaming it on other factors, like the agent or maybe even you. Now it's up to you to convince

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3 Ways To Stand Out When Listing Expireds

How To Lists Lots Of Expireds By Standing Out From The Competition The most important thing is to be different from the competition. This way, sellers will notice. It can cause someone to stand out and get the listing. First, don’t look like everyone else. Don’t send out the same letters as everyone else. You’ll

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