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How to Get More Real Estate Referrals and Be a Happy Agent

What’s the key to happiness in real estate? Quality customers that you enjoy working with. How do you find these quality customers? They’re in your past customers and sphere of influence. Or, they know your past customers and sphere of influence. There is an agent in our area. She's been in business for 5 years

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The Easiest Way To Increase Your Listing Presentation Conversion

This is the number one thing you need to do to dramatically boost your listing presentation conversion. It’s not that complicated. But, hardly anyone every does this. It’s not that complicated. But, hardly anyone every does this. Prove that not all agents are the same. Here's an example. I know of a guy who is extremely

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The Tale of Two Realtors

It doesn’t take long for clients to notice an agent who isn’t completely prepared. It works the same way when an agent is clearly prepared. Let’s talk about two separate realtors. We’ll call one Andrew and the other Matt. It Starts with Communication The First thing is how they communicate with their clients or their

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Increasing Your Response Rates

Having a good line of communication with your prospects or clients depends on their responses. Very few will respond to straight up attempts to land their sale or refer you to their friend. Conversion is trying to force people onto your time schedule, which is not very appealing to the person on the other end. If

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Best Real Estate Memes

Here are some of the best memes from around the internet.    

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Avoiding Closing Scams

After a sale is made, the buyers, sellers and agents begin the process of signing and transferring legal documents. Over the last couple of years, more and more cases of scams and hackers targeting this part of the process. They will use  information gained from the hack to trick one of the parties into a fraudulent

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Avoid Any Bias With Divorced Homes

Divorced homes are a big niche for agents. It may not seem like the best thing to capitalize on, but these sellers usually have to sell and you can make their life a whole lot easier. Naturally, it's an emotional time for each side and it is something you need to navigate carefully. A lot of

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What to Ask Expired Listings

Expireds are great targets to prospect. They're motivated sellers. In this blog we aren't going to break down the step by step process, we did that here when we discussed the approach and strategies needed. We also went over what it takes and how to smoothly get the owners of expireds to lower their listing price. This

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Getting Referral Listings

Referrals are a giant piece of the pie. You can read how to get them here and how to make talking to customers easier here. Once you get a referral you have to move fast to capitalize on it. Client referrals are the most important referral's that you can earn. The average conversion rate is an

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Leading Your Clients and Getting To Know The Neighborhood

If you asked potential buyers if they want to be in complete charge of the entire buying process, they'd most likely say yes. But that's not 100% true. They need our expertise. You can't go into deals thinking of yourself as just the facilitator of the process, not wanting to overrule or step on your

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