7 Strategies To Get More Listings

In the beginning, your interaction with a potential client should achieve two goals:    Assuring them that you are able to provide something they value or need. Establishing common ground on which you can build a connection. The following list provides helpful hints you can employ in reaching out to prospects. With these tips, you

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4 Ways To Get Business From Social Media

Social media is a double-edged sword for Realtors. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn bring countless opportunities for agents to meet new clients, but misusing these platforms can hurt their pre-existing businesses and even their reputations. Before you tweet one of your new listings or post a status update on Facebook, make sure you follow these tips

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4 Things Buyers Think About But Don’t Ask at Your Showings

No matter how many sales you’ve made or years you’ve worked, you will always worry about what homebuyers think of your listing. You can spend hours, days and weeks prepping for an open house. Sadly, buyers will still have unspoken reservations about purchasing a home. It’s impossible to read your buyers’ minds, but there are

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Halloween Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Fall and winter are underrated times for sellers to put their homes on the market. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to appeal to these sellers - since they could be literally walking up to your door. There are a lot of times during this Halloween weekend to pass out any material to parents or even brand yourself to

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A Good Real Estate Bio/About Me Page Is Important

What's the first thing a lead looks at when they visit your website? Your bio or about me page.  It needs to introduce yourself to any viewer while helping you stand out. You're about me page could win or lose you any potential leads or listings. You want it to make a connection with any

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Dealing With Rude Sellers

Are rude sellers driving you crazy? Every agent has dealt with owners like this from time to time. Getting calls at 10 P.M. demanding attention right then and there. How do you deal with it if a seller angrily confronts you? They may be complaining about high fees or even the status of their sale.

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