Your Official 2018 Business Guide

To predict future success, go back and study your history. Ask yourself: What were the events that led to my biggest achievements of 2017? What lessons did I learn from missed opportunities over the past 12 months? Was my marketing on target? To adequately answer those questions, an agent must first thoroughly study his or

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Want Leads? Go Viral!

Did you see the viral Craigslist ad with a dog in each room’s picture? It wasn’t planned; the dog was in one of the shots, the owner had an “Aha!” moment, tons of people saw the ad, and the apartment was rented within 24 hours. Of course, viral marketing applies to selling homes, too, and

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Smart Tips for Managing Money

Learning how to manage money in your real estate business is a necessity — even though few courses are offered. Luckily, there are several free, innovative apps and tools to help you out. Making money in every commission-based business (including real estate) is unpredictable. Unlike salary-based employment, you will not receive regular paychecks or have

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Climbing the Mountain of High Expectations

Buyers and Sellers…the axis on which the great wheel of real-estate revolves. At the center of every real-estate job, there are people. You just can’t get around it. And an agent's biggest challenge won’t be negotiations, getting listings, or dealing with a dilapidated duplex. Nope. Next to the dreaded unrealistic expectations of clients, those things

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Last-minute Tax Savings for 2017

December 31st is a time to celebrate the end of a successful year in your real estate business. But, it’s also the last day for most real estate agents’ tax year. Now is the time to estimate your 2017 income taxes to see if you need additional deductions to save money. Before getting into tax

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The Forgotten Generation: Gen X Rebounding Into Home-Buying Prospects

“Hey, bud, let’s party!” That one declaration by surfer/stoner Jeff Spicoli from the 1982 hit movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” completely encapsulates Generation X. Like, totally. Considered to be slackers by the Baby Boomers and later out of touch by Millennials, Gen Xers grew up in uncertain times: nuclear war tensions between the U.S.

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Five Communication Strategies for “Difficult” Sellers

You’ve got the listing, and now comes the hard part: actually selling the house. But then, you discover you have clients who make that job even more difficult. They want weekly open houses. They don’t see their clutter (or their pet-stained 20-year-old carpet, or their wildlife-refuge approach to yard and home maintenance, or the unfolded

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Don’t Be a Grinch, Holiday Marketing is a Cinch!

With the end of the year right around the corner, the holiday rush tends to make us all crazy. Questions are running through your head like, “What gift should I get my boring Uncle Todd?” or “What the heck is eggnog anyway?” With all that hubbub, it can be easy to forget that this time

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Find the Right Words for Real Estate Success

Ever listen to a pro agent converse with a client and think to yourself, “I pretty much say all that stuff too…Why are his numbers insane and mine are just so-so?” Maybe it’s the smile? The suit? The neighborhood connections? Perhaps. But what if he’s just using specific words and phrases that he knows are proven to produce

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Lessen Your Real Estate Marketing Burden through Automation

Running the entire show like a boss is the real deal, right? But it does get overwhelming at times. Hey, there are only 24 hours in a day, and there’s only so much you can do! There is so much that goes into building a successful real estate business, and one of the most important

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