A Good Real Estate Bio/About Me Page Is Important

What's the first thing a lead looks at when they visit your website? Your bio or about me page.  It needs to introduce yourself to any viewer while helping you stand out. You're about me page could win or lose you any potential leads or listings. You want it to make a connection with any

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Dealing With Rude Sellers

Are rude sellers driving you crazy? Every agent has dealt with owners like this from time to time. Getting calls at 10 P.M. demanding attention right then and there. How do you deal with it if a seller angrily confronts you? They may be complaining about high fees or even the status of their sale.

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How To Get Motivated Seller Listings From Sellers Facing Foreclosure

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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How To Get 4-6 Listings A Month From Attorney Referrals

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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4 Listing Appointments, 4 Listings Won

For this week's case study, Ben interviewed David, a veteran realtor who's had a lot of success throughout his career. In the interview they went over: He uses the books so well, they work each presentation he does. How he approaches FSBOs. The books are simple, easy to use, and they work. This is a

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The Easiest Way To Get Listings In Today’s Market: Old Expireds

We recently did a training on the best way to get listings in today's market. We call them "Forgotten" Expireds. But, they're really just listings that Expireds 3 months, 6 months, and even 2-3 years ago. They're "forgotten" because all the other Realtors have forgotten about them. But, they still want to sell. As a

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How To List 4-6 Inherited Homes A Month – Consistently… Without Prospecting or Door Knocking

Replay of Pre-foreclosure Training Webinar with Ben Curry & Joe Nickelson.

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5 Listings in 4 Days

This week I spoke with Tim for the third time. Last time we checked in on him, he was consistently getting listings with his books. The week before I talked to him was crazy for him. He signed five listings in a span of four days. He's also won over 25 listings in 2017 with the books.

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A Realtor’s Brand Should Bring In Business

For someone in real estate, you are the product you sell. The most important branding agents can do is to make a lasting impression. Your goal is to be remembered. Agents with consistent branding have owners come to them. Jan Shields is a veteran realtor here in our market, Jacksonville, Florida. This is her company website

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The Secret of the #1 Real Estate Team in the Country

There is a real estate team in America that is the number one team according to Real Trends Magazine. They've been one of the top teams for the last five years. This team has a secret advantage over their competition. Their secret isn't that they're the best salespeople. In fact, they're not incredible salesmen. Their

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