Any change in season is a good time to focus harder on your marketing efforts. The end of the summer and subsequent return to school is a perfect time to freshen a campaign and then find a whole bunch of new prospects. Here are some back to school marketing ideas.

Write a Back To School Blog Post

If you’re not active on your own blog, you can even just make this a stream of social media posts. Be sure to incorporate SEO techniques to correspond with this time of year. We all know that owners and prospective buyers will always be willing to pay more for homes near better schools.

According to, 60% of buyers say schools affect their decision and 50% are willing to go over their budget so they can live in their preferred school district. So a post that explains how home values are affected by the local school districts will have a lot of value. You could write a blog that highlights and lists all the local businesses that offer back to school specials and savings. Other ideas could be to share a list of after-school programs or lunch ideas for parents to make.

If you can get any businesses you mention to share your posts (which shouldn’t be hard), you’ll get that much more traffic.

Show Support For Your PTA

This is one of the best ways you can build your trust and expand your sphere of influence. If you keep up with a few local Parent Teacher Associations by  building strong relationships with the parents, educators and administrators in their local school systems, you’re going to be the first person they go to when it comes time to look or refer you to anyone who is interested in selling or buying.


Buy advertising space in their newsletter or on their website or sponsor a teacher function. You can also volunteer to help with a fundraiser.

Drop off Gifts and Goodie Bags the First Month of School

Something simple like candy or some sort of erasers are good here. Don’t forget to leave your card or some type of logo with your number on it. When parents are ready to buy or sell or even just talk about their options, they’ll think of you first.

Throw a Back To School Client Appreciation Event

A lot of parents are going to be in a celebratory mood this month. A picnic or cookout to take advantage of the end of the warm weather will bring out a lot of your clients and even potential leads. : don’t force the conversation to real estate too often, but be ready and willing to answer any questions that come up.

A great way to cover the cost of the event and help out one of the local schools is to make it a school supply drive.