Does Guerrilla Marketing Work for Real Estate?

Guerrilla marketing stands out, especially amongst the standard tactics of real estate agents. It's also not used that much in this business, making it easier for you to stand out if you use it. Doing

Case Study: Smart Agent Member Earns 4 Listings a Month

This week we spoke with Chris from North Carolina. He's currently having success with the books, especially in the expired market. In this interview he touches upon: Being patient after dropping off or mailing a

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Which of These Expired Prospecting Methods Work For You

Here's how to figure out the expired approach that works the best for you. There are a lot of different approaches. You can cold call. We don’t recommend it. But, it’s an option. You can

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Email vs Social Media Marketing

Running ads and prospecting on social media needs to be a giant part of any agent's marketing plan, but there are a whole lot of situations where email marketing may serve you better. Email targeting

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The Tale of Two Realtors

It doesn't take long for clients to notice an agent who isn't completely prepared. It works the same way when an agent is clearly prepared. Let's talk about two separate realtors. We'll call one Andrew

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Best Online Resources for Agents This Year

As an agent, getting new information, news and tools online is a must. But you can and should be doing more with the web. Even just discovering techniques and what's working with realtors around the

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12 Habits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

If you really like what you do, you never stop looking for new ways to improve. You can’t just go through the motions and stay the same if you want to be the best you

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Separating Yourself From Competition

We sat down with Ann Grey last week, to talk about how our Book Lead's program and how it if shapes and affects her listing presentations and her referrals. You don't need our exact tools

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Statistics to Head into the New Year

The last few weeks, we've talked about preparing for the next year and making goals, but it's time to actually look at what 2017 could bring. Here are the big Here are the big numbers

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How One Agent Became an Authority

Here at Smart Agents we give our members the tools they need to rule their market. We interviewed on of our members from the midwest about how he is using his books and other marketing materials.

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