How and Why You Should Get Buyer Leads

A lot of agents brush off working with buyers. They are missing out on multiple opportunities that can help every part of their business. Buyer business can do more for you than you may think.

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New Member Gets Two Listings in One Day

Hi, this is Chuck White. You know how difficult lead follow up can be when you’re a busy Realtor. Sometimes you get so busy with listings, buyers, showings, open houses, closings, contracts, etc that you

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Get the Most from an Open House

Open houses don't hold quite as much water as they used to, but it's still a big part of marketing a listing. Not only do you market your listing, you market yourself as an agent.

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You Ordered Your Books, What’s Next?

Table of Contents 1. 34 Ways You Can Get Business From Books. 2. Putting together your book packages. 3. What to say if someone asks if you wrote the book. 4. What ghostwriting is and how it works. 5. Choosing

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Overcoming Your Real Estate Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses as an agent. Identifying and overcoming those weaknesses creates the difference between regular agents and smart agents. Don't keep attacking your work the same way over and over again unless

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Don’t Miss Listings In Your Own Neighborhood Anymore

Have you ever seen a realtor's sign in your neighborhood and been upset you didn't get that listing? (Or even know about it.) You should be the realtor who lists homes in your area. It

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Case Study: New Realtor Immediately Wins Respect and Listings

Today's interview is with a brand new agent. A former carpenter turned realtor, Jerry immediately was treated like seasoned vet. In the interview we go over: Why he was regarded so highly as a rookie.

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What’s Your Real Estate Superpower?

Do you feel powerless in your real estate business? Are sellers not respecting you? Do they hire the top agent instead of you? Or when you do get a listing, the seller isn’t willing to

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The Best Way to Become an Authority in Real Estate

How can you prove yourself as an expert in your field and earn the automatic respect from customers and potential customers? You have to become an authority in your real estate market, with your knowledge and

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10 Worst Real Estate Photos

Pictures are one of the most important parts of your real estate listing. If you have bad pictures, your listing is going to get no traction. Here are 10 of the worst real estate photos

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