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Who We Are

Our goal is to share the techniques and strategies we have worked to perfect with our team of Realtors. There’s so many different opportunities and niches that are overlooked frequently.

Our mission is to double the business of at least 1,000 agents each year. We are a group of dedicated professionals, working to share strategies they’ve tested and proven through the Jacksonville brokerage. Agents nationwide and beyond have looked to Smart Agents to provide them with the most up-to-date, tried and tested marketing strategies for their own businesses.

Here are the main real estate niche blogs and guides to introduce you to a little of what we do:


We provide agents with the tools to implement these proven marketing strategies in their business. 

Throughout the years, Smart Agents has designed and tested absolutely every marketing method they could think of – from flat-fee to rentals to auction sales – in order to realize unique ways to market real estate and get homes sold. 

Our in-house agents, led by Ben Curry, tried out a variety of software, but when they could not find what they needed, decided to create their own. This gave birth to business marketing software based on real-world needs, designed by active real estate agents using their first-hand knowledge of what works in today’s market.

Our membership includes a number of tools and courses that will take you and your marketing to a new level. From pre-made blogs, execution courses and books you author, we provide all the tools to make yourself an authority in your market.

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