Luxury Real Estate Tips

You’re driving through a luxury neighborhood. You see a Realtor’s sign in front of a home, then you drive a little further… and see the same agent’s sign again.  Then, you turn a corner and see another sign. You get closer and realize… it’s the same agent. They are owning this entire high-end neighborhood. That

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Increasing Your Response Rates

Having a good line of communication with your prospects or clients depends on their responses. Very few will respond to straight up attempts to land their sale or refer you to their friend. Conversion is trying to force people onto your time schedule, which is not very appealing to the person on the other end. If

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Thanksgiving Marketing For Agents

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for some holiday marketing. This is the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you!” to your clients and to show yourself in the community to anyone else. Sending a Postcards or Letters The effort you put into making a Thanksgiving card and sending it will go a long way with your real

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Save a Dying Listing

Here are some last-ditch efforts that you should try when your listing has been on the market too long. It's not expired, but it is almost lifeless. Changing Out Pictures and Videos When the Seasons Change Keeping the pictures and your social media or property website updated to reflect the current season will make sure

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Don’t Do This With Your Facebook Page

Ever seen an ad or a website that promises thousands of Facebook for 20 bucks or so? Or a “like exchange” group? They're free, just go like everyone's pages. Even asking all your family and friends to like your page is part of this. These things destroy your Facebook page. They completely ruin it. How can you

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The Toughest Parts of Being an Agent

We know this isn't an easy or regular profession. From the absurd hours and days you have to put into dealing with rough clients and all those moving parts, people don't see from the outside everything you have to deal with. Time Away From Home (Or Interrupted)  Because of the irregular hours you may need

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Unprofessional Website Mistakes

Your website is your professional representation on the internet. So if it's put together poorly, and doesn't immediately strike the viewer in a good way, it's going to harm their first impression of yourself. Here are some things to avoid. Weird or Bad Color Schemes  They need to be somewhat neutral. A good website has a

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Best Real Estate Memes

Here are some of the best memes from around the internet.    

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Making a Great “About Me” Page

Any ads, emails or means you have to bring viewers to your personal or even company website, will likely lead the viewer to hit your about page, to learn more about you. It's a part of the site that shows you are a real person and then lets them build some type of human connection

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Marketing a Vacant Home

Vacant homes are a great niche to target. There millions that get sold each year and you face less competition when listing them. After you list a vacant, marketing and getting viewers is a little different than a normal listing. When prospective home buyers view pictures of vacant homes in their internet search, it’s hard for

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